We're mission driven engineers building a more productive world with AI. We have a perspective on how this world will look, we'd like to hear yours.


Our mission is to build better human-driven workflows with AI. Today, AI is perceived negatively in the media as a force that will displace jobs and replace people. At Cleo, we have a brighter view of the future. We’re working on cutting edge AI to assist and improve existing human workflows. We’re starting in the media industry with image and video tagging, a manual task that is often outsourced and costs companies over $12B. Existing apis and technology focus on the mass market whereas the majority of the market lives in the long tail. They benefit from contextual information specific to their verticals at higher accuracy and precision. Through our novel approach, we’re able to deliver relevant and useful metadata that isn’t available through existing approaches. Our technology, rooted in deep learning and building sophisticated classifiers can be scaled across different industries including sports media, industrial inspection and retail.